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Access to Grants & Funding Opportunities
at half the cost of leading competitors

Thousands of grants and assistance programs dedicated to funding
woman owned and minority owned small businesses.

Grants for woman-owned businesses added daily

The grantors and those allocating the millions of dollars in funds are investing in women who will enrich their country’s culture and society.

Our grant database can greatly help the achievements of women owned businesses and change their lives.

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Direct access to grantor contact information

You will have direct access to the grantor's contact information as well as the application requirements.

An easily searchable database will save you valuable time in locating funds to help your business grow.

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Gain instant access today and discover thousands of grants and funding opportunities

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Promote your business. Increase your
online presence. Get connected. Grow.

Use your profile as a marketing tool. Highlight your products or services and allow
other professionals to connect with you through your website and social media.

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Members gain connections and the
resources to help your company grow.

Increase your visilibity to potential prospects that want to work with woman owned
businesses. Save money on every day business expenses as well as merchant
solutions, marketing tools and promotional items.

Increase your online presence

Make valuable connections with a listing in the public directory.

  • Promote yourself and your business with a listing in our Woman Owned Business Directory.
  • Increase your chances of working with Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies or a government agency.
  • Use the directory to network with other small business owners and create partnerships.
Increase your online presence

Increase profits by saving money on promoting & growing your business

The WomanOwned.com discount program will help you save money on general business expenses, such as office supplies and furniture and even computers.

Discounts on marketing tools, print items, and display products will help you promote your woman-owned business without breaking your budget.

Merchant solutions and cell phone plans are also available at discounted rates.

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