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Now that your business has a little funding, what are you going to do about your personal funds? Check out these web resources and learn a bundle about investing and retirement planning.

Check out these web resources and learn about investing and retirement planning.

  • Are your children going to college someday? Better start planning now. Visit the Financial Aid site and find out about neediness estimates, aid sources and saving strategies for your little tyke before it is too late.
  • So you want to invest in stocks? With the stock market changing everyday, it's important that you know how to invest and what risks may be involved.  Learn all you can at the Morningstar site. Find thousands of stock and mutual fund profiles as well as the famous Morningstar "star" ratings.
  • Find lots of corporate links from the stock site Daily Stocks. Additional information is available from the Edgar database on small businesses at this site.
  • Keep all of your investments in order on-line with this Microsoft Investor site. You can enter your investments once and visit them anytime you want to check on their status.
  • Retirement planningis discussed and calculated if you follow this link. How much money will you need 20 years from now? This site has a worksheet to tell you.

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