Promoting Your Web Site Effectively

Your website is done, and now you need people to visit. There are websites that are dedicated to promoting your website.

Do you know what kind of traffic you are currently getting? 

In order to improve your web traffic, you should know who is visiting your site now. These numbers are the baseline for increasing your traffic. Your website hosting company should provide web statistics, such as number of hits, sites, files, days of week, hourly, page views, geographic regions, browser types, etc.

A great website design and great photographs will help your product sell, and they will attract visitors to your website. If your web design is not polished or easy to navigate or if your product photographs are blurry or not well composed, you may not achieve your sales numbers. If you have not already done so, consider hiring a web designer and photographer.

Next, learn what you can about search engines and META tags. Visit some great sites such as and for data. Once you have a handle on how the engines index your pages, go back to your pages and make the changes you need to get better placement.

Submit your site to the 5 major search engines:

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