• Diversity Training in the Workplace

    Diversity Training in the Workplace

    Many small business owners are not ready to handle the problems associated with cultural diversity in the workplace. If not prepared, a business may find themselves facing discrimination suits, litigation expenses, legal fees and settlements, high employee turnover, and negative community image.

  • Working From Home - A Dream Come True or A Nightmare?

    Working From Home - A Dream Come True or A Nightmare?

    Ever since making the decision to work from home, I have encountered two kinds of people. First, those who enviously say they would do anything to escape from the inevitable office politics and harried rush hour traffic they must face each day. Others look at me as if they don't believe I have a...

  • The 7 Rules that Weed Out Scams

    The 7 Rules that Weed Out Scams

    When looking at telecommuting job ads, how can you tell the scams from the real thing?

  • Designing Your Office Space

    Designing Your Office Space

    The way that your office is designed can have an effect on whether or not you succeed. Many people have so much on their mind that they don't take the time to think about how simple changes in the office and the work day can make a business endeavor more comfortable and more successful. Consider...

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