Thinking About Investing Online?

Did you know that among business owners who have not yet invested in stocks or funds, women entrepreneurs were twice as likely as men to begin investing in 1999? The great thing is, more than 1/3 of these women invested online. Why is this great? Well, WomanOwned thinks that using the web and technology to our collective benefit is a great thing, from stocks to books.

Women business owners are not investing as much as our male counterparts. According to a survey from the National Foundation for Women Business Owners, states that only 55 percent of women and 67 percent of men business owners invest in stocks or mutual funds, and only 17% of women and 36% of men business owners have over $100,000 invested.

How do we start investing online? In order to know what you are doing with your hard earned cash, I recommend that you learn all you can before sending anyone a dime. While you are learning, though, make sure that those dimes are not being spent! Start with these resources to get you started:

About Internet Stocks

What I said in the year 1999

Do you think you are missing out on making millions by not investing online?  Can you not wait to jump on the wild and crazy Internet stocks? I've thought that way, too. I don't own ANY Internet stocks right now. Why? Well, I'm more conservative, and also can't afford to lose my investment funds. If you want to get on the wild ride, you must know that you can lose money. If you can afford it, then maybe it is worth the gamble, but most investment consultants say that a balanced set of stocks is always the best way to make money in the long run.

What I say in 2001

Now that we know what we couldn't know then, not getting on the tech stock craze might have been a very good thing. The market now looks like technology and internet stocks will be down for a little while but might have an upswing by 2002 (we'll see how this looks then!). What do the experts suggest? I've heard recommendations to buy stocks in solid companies who know how to make a profit and not to buy the stock expecting to get rich quick. Hold the stock for 5 or more years. Getting rich quick rarely works in the stock market or in business.

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