Web Marketing for Women in Business - Making the Web Work For You

Successful online marketing is more involved than most print or media materials. Your web site must provide complete information, interactivity through forms or e-mail, and your response to inquiries must be prompt. In addition to these items, more successful sites today also include e-commerce and interactive customer service assistance.

Just like any other advertising, ask your customers how they found out about your company. Make sure that you have a response form on your site for interested visitors to find out more about your products. If you have had your web site for 6 months and you have not noticed any activity, inspect your statistics. How many visitors have seen your site? More than 1,000 visitors a month will lead to some response. The 1% response rule in traditional advertising is often true for the web. Don't have access to statistics?  Get a new web host.

We provide a list of articles that can help you gain more from your web site.

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